Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Racing


Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott have combined their years of experience in the
industry to build a winning team.

The making of their great partnership comes down to dedication and passion. Both Gai and Adrian love the
industry, and have created an environment where all horses have the chance to thrive. Their
dedication and commitment are reflected in our consistently high strike rate.

Our Results


Results for Last 10 Years

2022/2023041 $85,500
2021/202215711091 $14,973,943
2020/20211379089 $10,004,241
2019/2020141116101 $10,729,641
2018/20191279089 $8,435,200
2017/201816513493 $11,924,277
2016/201715210786 $9,563,605
2015/20161048277 $7,926,300
2014/201514210882 $13,654,350
2013/2014168128102 $18,812,350
2012/201314212098 $14,147,880
2011/20121608692 $14,090,050
2010/201114010474 $9,681,485
2009/201013710880 $8,340,968

Australian Trainer Premiership 1-Aug-2015 to 31-Jul-2016

104 x 1st place, 82 x 2nd place, 77 x 3rd place, 60 x 4th place, 62 x 5th place


in Prize Money


Strike Rate



Season 2015/2016

Group 1

English 16/04/2016 SCHWEPPES ALL AGED STAKES 1400m Randwick
Speak Fondly 03/10/2015 COOLMORE FLIGHT STAKES 1600m Randwick

Group 2

English 05/03/2016 HYLAND RACE COLOURS CHALLENGE STAKES 1000m Randwick
Kiss and Make Up 05/03/2016 UNSW TODMAN STAKES 1200m Randwick
Scarlet Rain 27/02/2016 LES JOHNSON MEMORIAL SWEET EMBRACE STAKES 1200m Randwick
Speak Fondly 05/09/2015 COOLMORE FURIOUS STAKES 1200m Randwick
Speak Fondly 22/08/2015 COOLMORE SILVER SHADOW STAKES 1200m Randwick

Group 3

El Divino 02/04/2016 WIDDEN KINDERGARTEN STAKES 1100m Randwick
Thyme For Roses 12/03/2016 TBV Thoroughbred Breeders Stakes 1200m Flemington
Excess Knowledge (GB) 31/10/2015 Lexus Stakes 2500m Flemington
The Offer (IRE) 28/10/2015 2015 Jayco Bendigo Cup 2400m Bendigo


Ecuador (NZ) 28/05/2016 FUJITSU AIR CONDITIONING MCKELL CUP 2400m Randwick
Ecuador (NZ) 07/05/2016 LORD MAYORS CUP 2000m Rosehill Garden
Hippopus (NZ) 06/03/2016 TAB.COM.AU CANBERRA CUP 2000m Canberra
The Offer (IRE) 20/08/2015 ILG XXXX GOLD HAWKESBURY ROWLEY MILE 1600m Hawkesbury

Non-Black Type

Cismontane (NZ) 30/07/2016 GRAYSON MACKAY MAIDEN PLATE 1600m Kembla Grange
Multitude 24/07/2016 EVERGREEN TURF BENCHMARK 70 HANDICAP 1800m Hawkesbury
Dark Eyes 16/07/2016 #THERACES HANDICAP 1500m Rosehill Garden
Dynastic Lady 13/07/2016 TAB REWARDS PLATE 1600m Warwick Farm
Thronum 09/07/2016 TAB REWARDS HANDICAP 1200m Randwick
Ready Already 07/07/2016 CLARENDON TAVERN BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP 1400m Hawkesbury
Echo Prince 04/07/2016 NEIL PERRY BY OMEGA CLASS 2 HANDICAP 1200m Kembla Grange
Fat Chap 04/07/2016 BLANCO COOKING CLASS 1 & MAIDEN PLATE 2000m Kembla Grange
Multitude 02/07/2016 BERESFIELD BOWLING CLUB 3YO MAIDEN PLATE 1150m Beaumont
Lord Macau 29/06/2016 TAB.COM.AU PLATE 1400m Warwick Farm
Thronum 25/06/2016 RILEY O'SHEA GO GO'S 2YO MAIDEN HANDICAP 1000m Kembla Grange
Dinky Di Dora 18/06/2016 NHP ISO PLUGS AND SOCKETS F&M MAIDEN PLATE 1350m Beaumont
Piping Hot 13/06/2016 SCHWEPPES HANDICAP 1200m Canterbury Park
Fat Chap 12/06/2016 JAZCOM EQUINE MAIDEN PLATE 1600m Hawkesbury
Chloe's Comet 09/06/2016 THE PROPERTY MARKET F&M MAIDEN HANDICAP 1100m Wyong
Irish Sea 31/05/2016 THOMSON GEER LAWYERS 2YO MAIDEN PLATE 1100m Hawkesbury
Themis 28/05/2016 CANDANA BATHROOMS HANDICAP 1400m Randwick
Tough As Teak 26/05/2016 YARRAMAN PARK F&M MAIDEN HANDICAP 1150m Beaumont
Vasiliev 24/05/2016 THE GRANGE HOTEL 2YO MAIDEN PLATE 1600m Gosford
Valediction 03/05/2016 3YB Scotty Stewart Brierly Steeplechase 3450m Warrnambool
Dynamic Rock 30/04/2016 RADFORD SHOPFITTERS F&M BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP 1350m Beaumont
Funloving 30/04/2016 SHEDBOSS HUNTER F&M MAIDEN HANDICAP 1200m Beaumont
Supply And Demand 25/04/2016 3RD AUSTRALIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL (AGH) NURSES HANDICAP 1000m Randwick
Prompt Response 21/04/2016 PROSPERITY ADVISERS GROUP 2YO MAIDEN PLATE 1200m Beaumont
Purrari 20/04/2016 ALL TOO HARD HANDICAP 1100m Canterbury Park
Evacuation 16/04/2016 KIDS DAY OUT 2YO HANDICAP 1000m Kembla Grange
Valediction 11/04/2016 Lanyons BM125 Hurdle 3200m Hamilton
Sort After 09/04/2016 HOLISTIC SECURITY F&M CLASS 1 HANDICAP 1300m Beaumont
Wilcannia 30/03/2016 SYNGENTA HANDICAP 1100m Wyong
French Blue 20/03/2016 CARLTON MID 2YO MAIDEN HANDICAP 1000m Wyong
El Divino 17/03/2016 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING HANDICAP 1000m Gosford
Pray To The Sky 08/03/2016 TASSAL PLATE 2YO MAIDEN 1000m Hawkesbury
Kiss and Make Up 17/02/2016 TAB.COM.AU PLATE 1200m Canterbury Park
Northern Conqueror 13/02/2016 ILLAWARRA TURF CLUB 3YO MAIDEN PLATE 1000m Kembla Grange
Al Nader 10/02/2016 TAB REWARDS HANDICAP 1400m Warwick Farm
Hussterical 06/02/2016 NEWCASTLE HERALD 2YO MAIDEN PLATE 1250m Beaumont
Sweet Redemption 03/02/2016 TAB REWARDS HANDICAP 1550m Canterbury Park
Dark Eyes 03/02/2016 CAFE CULTURE + INSITU HANDICAP 1250m Canterbury Park
Lonaura 02/02/2016 THE LINKS SHELL COVE F&M MAIDEN PLATE 1400m Kembla Grange
Mali Rose 02/02/2016 JRO SERVICES 3YO FILLIES MAIDEN HANDICAP 1200m Kembla Grange
River Wild 30/01/2016 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING HANDICAP 1400m Rosehill Garden
Global Glamour 30/01/2016 ITC CORPORATE MEMBERS RACEDAY 2YO MAIDEN PLATE 1000m Kembla Grange
White Dove (NZ) 23/01/2016 HYLAND RACE COLOURS HANDICAP 2000m Randwick
Scarlet Rain 23/01/2016 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING PLATE 1000m Randwick
Fabrizio 22/01/2016 CELLARBRATIONS HANDICAP 1550m Canterbury Park
Vienna Waltz 22/01/2016 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING HANDICAP 1200m Canterbury Park
River Wild 16/01/2016 TOP IDEAL SCM HANDICAP 1200m Randwick
Supply And Demand 16/01/2016 ECLIPSE COURIERS & TAXI TRUCKS MAIDEN HANDICAP 1400m Kembla Grange
Scarlet Rain 02/01/2016 HYLAND RACE COLOURS PLATE 1100m Rosehill Garden
Cabeza De Vaca 02/01/2016 IN WITH THE NEW YEAR CLASS 2 HANDICAP 1600m Kembla Grange
Bold Adventure (NZ) 19/12/2015 EILEEN RYAN 100TH BIRTHDAY MAIDEN PLATE 1200m Kembla Grange
Kontiki Dane (NZ) 19/12/2015 MORE THAN READY @ VINERY HANDICAP 1900m Rosehill Garden
Rock Candy 12/12/2015 DAVE EDWARDS MAIDEN HANDICAP 1300m Kembla Grange
Caped Crusader (NZ) 12/12/2015 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING HANDICAP 1600m Randwick
Stampede 11/12/2015 MORE THAN READY @ VINERY HANDICAP 1900m Canterbury Park
Fabrizio 06/12/2015 JESS TAYLOR CLASS 1 HANDICAP 1400m Kembla Grange
Caped Crusader (NZ) 05/12/2015 CHOOSE SEGENHOE HANDICAP 1600m Randwick
Lucky Fish 29/11/2015 RICHMOND CLUB GROUP MAIDEN PLATE 1100m Hawkesbury
Man Of Distinction 27/11/2015 RANVET HANDICAP 1200m Canterbury Park
Cyrus Rocks 27/11/2015 ALL TOO HARD @ VINERY PLATE 1900m Canterbury Park
Stampede 25/11/2015 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING HANDICAP 1400m Warwick Farm
Sea Spirit (GB) 21/11/2015 SCOTT SAFETY CLASS 1 & MAIDEN PLATE 2200m Beaumont
Festivity 21/11/2015 THOROUGHBRED BREEDERS NSW HANDICAP 1400m Rosehill Garden
Show A Star 21/11/2015 IGA Liquor McKellar Mile 1600m Ballarat
Triple Snitz 18/11/2015 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING HANDICAP 1100m Canterbury Park
Man Of Distinction 14/11/2015 ROTARY POLIOPLUS CLASS 1 HANDICAP 1200m Kembla Grange
Swing Sensation 07/11/2015 Cornerstone Stud Rosebowl 1400m Geelong
Kontiki Dane (NZ) 03/11/2015 MCGRATH ESTATE AGENTS QLD HANDICAP 1800m Randwick
Triple Snitz 03/11/2015 TERENCE GREGORY 3YO CLASS 1 HANDICAP 1000m Kembla Grange
Echo Prince 24/10/2015 MBA ILLAWARRA DIVISION BENCHMARK 64 HANDICAP 1200m Kembla Grange
Frespanol 24/10/2015 THE LAKEMBA CLUB FILANTE HANDICAP 1600m Randwick
Thyme For Roses 21/10/2015 TAB MORE THAN JUST WINNING PLATE 1000m Warwick Farm
Rituals 08/10/2015 BERENI PASTORAL 3YO MAIDEN HANDICAP 1200m Gosford
Dark Steel 16/09/2015 TAB REWARDS PLATE 1200m Canterbury Park
King Kinshasa (GB) 29/08/2015 PLATINUM PARK BENCHMARK 75 HANDICAP 1800m Hawkesbury
Flamboyant Lass 26/08/2015 SCHWEPPES HANDICAP 1000m Warwick Farm
Raphael's Cat 19/08/2015 MORE THAN READY @ VINERY HANDICAP 1200m Canterbury Park
Themis 19/08/2015 TAB REWARDS HANDICAP 1100m Canterbury Park
River Wild 15/08/2015 MARKEY SADDLERY 3YO MAIDEN HANDICAP 1300m Kembla Grange
Mardi 08/08/2015 THE WALLABIES CUP 1600m Randwick
Echo Gal 08/08/2015 TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP 1200m Randwick
Kimberley Star 01/08/2015 STRUCTAFLOR YELLOWTONGUE PLATE 1400m Rosehill Garden
Cabeza De Vaca 01/08/2015 MATER DEI SPECIAL SCHOOL MAIDEN PLATE 1600m Kembla Grange