Gai's Gazette Twenty First Edition

A happy reminder that spring is finally here!

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Gai's Gazette Twenty Sixth Edition 2016

The son of High Chaparral, Ecuador features on the front cover of the newest edition! 

Gai's Gazette Twenty Fifth Edition 2016

The gorgeous & hugely talented daughter of Encosta De Lago makes the front cover of the latest Gai's Gazette, and rightly so!  

Gai's Gazette Twenty Fourth Edition 2016

Catch up on the latest! 

Gai's Gazette Twenty Third Edition 2016

I can't believe we are up to the 23rd edition of Gai's Gazette. Thanks to everyone for their support and if you haven't already, subscribe here! 

Gai's Gazette Twenty Second Edition 2015

Please enjoy the newest edition of Gai's Gazette Nov/Dec 2015  

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