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Gai's Gazette Twenty Sixth Edition 2016

The son of High Chaparral, Ecuador features on the front cover of the newest edition! 

Gai's Gazette Twenty Fifth Edition 2016

The gorgeous & hugely talented daughter of Encosta De Lago makes the front cover of the latest Gai's Gazette, and rightly so!  

Gai's Gazette Twenty Fourth Edition 2016

Catch up on the latest! 

Gai's Gazette Twenty Third Edition 2016

I can't believe we are up to the 23rd edition of Gai's Gazette. Thanks to everyone for their support and if you haven't already, subscribe here! 


Gai's Gazette Twenty Second Edition 2015

Please enjoy the newest edition of Gai's Gazette Nov/Dec 2015  

Gai's Gazette Twenty First Edition

A happy reminder that spring is finally here!  

Gai's Gazette Twentieth Edition

If you thought Winter is here and not much happens in the racing arena - think again!  

Gai's Gazette, Nineteenth edition

'The Slipper fits again' 

Gai's Gazette Eighteenth Edition March 2015

Gai's Gazette is newly associated with the Southern Highlands most sought after magazine, Highlife. Subscribe now!  


Gai's Gazette 16th Edition December 2014

2014 is nearly over and what a year it has been! Christmas is only weeks away, then onto the Magic Millions to start the 2015 year off with a bang.  

Gai's Gazette 15th Edition November 2014

The Melbourne Spring Carnival has wrapped up for another year and it was an absolute blast! Have a look at my cup week adventures.  

Gai's Gazette 14th Edition October 2014

What a tremendous month it has been, the stable is producing plenty of winners and it's full speed ahead for the race that stops the nation.  

Gai's Gazette 12th Edition August 2014

Yes, with this, our twelfth edition of Gai’s Gazette, we proudly herald the milestone of our first birthday 

Gai's Gazette Eleventh Edition (July, 2014)

Gai’s next stop was on the other side of the world at the Royal Ascot Meeting in the small town of Ascot in Berkshire, England 

Gai's Gazette Eighth Edition (April, 2014)

As I put pen to paper for my column, the Golden Slipper is about to be run and won. I have won five Slippers in the past including the last two, a feat of which I am really proud. 


Gai's Gazette First Edition (August, 2013)

The first edition of ‘Gai’s Gazette’, a magazine publication from the Waterhouse stable, is available to download now.